I have used this firm for several years for Limoges boxes. They always have good prices and fast delivery.

Lee - Dallas, TX

This was a gift for a family friend and she was VERY PLEASED with it. Shipping was fast!! Ordering was easy. I’ll be back again!

Johanna Portland, OR

The price was better than another Limoges web site I’ve visited and I’ve visited quite a few. The delivery was timely and the package excellently wrapped.

Wayne - Falls Church, VA

Excellent service- received the item within two days of ordering it.

Marianne - Brooklyn, NY

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Made in France, our captivating array of Limoges Boxes with brass fittings and fasteners are comparable to the famed “tabatières” of 18th-Century Aristocratic French Society.

For over 20 years Limoges.com has been the premier destination for Limoges porcelain gifts and collectors. Limoges.com is a full-service online store specializing in Limoges porcelain products.  Our catalog includes the most extensive selection of hand-painted Limoges boxes, of Limoges tabletop pieces, and even of Limoges Jewelry. Yes you can Wear Your Limoges!

Ordering from Limoges.com is hassle-free.  Order online at any time and your order will be delivered, safely packed, within a few days, and within 24 hours in most cases. We offer complimentary UPS ground shipping with every order.  Additional shipping options are available for rush orders.  We accept all major credit cards, and the newest forms of payment.

We believe that our customer's satisfaction has been the key to our success. Offering hundreds of styles of hand-painted Limoges boxes by the top artists mostly from Artoria-Limoges; as well as a fantastic collection of vintage and one-of-a-kind Limoges treasures that you will not find anywhere else.  Whether you’re looking for a sought-after collectible or a luxury gift, it’s here where you can find fan favorites and exclusive pieces.

You can also be reassured that every Limoges hand painted box sold at Limoges.com is 100% authentic and imported directly from Limoges, France. How can you tell? Each box is marked with the insignia of the manufacturing artist which includes the phrase "Peint Main" (meaning "Painted by Hand") as well as the designation "Limoges, France" which guarantees the origin of manufacture. Most of them come from Artoria-Limoges with a certificate of authenticity. No two boxes are truly alike, being hand-painted and hand crafted, each of them being a true and unique piece of art. For that reason in most cases Artoria-Limoges will assign a serial number in a production run usually limited at 1000.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy as we take pride in our entire inventory. Each Limoges box or item that we feature is truly a piece of art that’s meant to be treasured and proudly displayed. However should you need to return your purchase for any reason the cost of shipping it back will be on us.


A word on Inventory: You will find 3 types of availability in our store.

The product might be "sold out"

We choose to show it anyway for 2 reasons:

- You might want to order for future delivery (usually 10 to 12 weeks). In that case just click on the BACK ORDER button, and a customized Backorder Form will be presented to you.

- You might be a corporate buyer or event planner, looking for ideas, and this item (customized or “as is”) might be a good fit for your project. Clicking on the item itself will give you access to an Inquiry Form.

The product description shows "RETIRED"

This means that Artoria has discontinued production (likely on the account that the limited series was filled). When the last pieces in inventory are sold out this item will disappear from Limoges.com

But for now it is still available and you can make it your own.

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