The Modern Limoges Box

    The story of Limoges porcelain continues today, with new products constantly coming to market. There are more collectors buying boxes because of the new licensed character pieces being released, such as the Disney or Peanuts Limoges boxes based on classic characters. There are new boxes brought about by political causes, such as the endangered species or patriotic Limoges boxes, where a portion of the proceeds of each sale go to wildlife preservation groups and the September 11th Fund respectively.

    New pieces that have never been thought of before are gaining popularity, like the Limoges flower candlesticks or Poupee Dolls with arms, legs, and head made from Limoges porcelain. New and famous designers are creating pieces. Paula Crevoshay, the famous jewelry designer, designed the Goddess Perfume Bottles with jewel encrusted headdresses and Lynn Haney, the world renowned Santa designer, has created some of the most amazing Santa Claus pieces ever seen. The history of Limoges porcelain is being written right now, with more and more people getting involved and discovering the beauty of this fine porcelain. The past few hundred years have proven incredibly interesting for these boxes, and is always working to ensure that the next few hundred will be just as good.

Hand-Painting a Modern Limoges Porcelain Box